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May 2024

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Mikael Niemi

As a species, we are annually surpassing the renewable resources of our planet, Earth. There is no viable future without a significant reduction in our impact. However, does this necessity entail sacrificing beauty and human dignity as well? Our new journal presents a hopeful alternative.

The climate crisis and the rapid loss of biodiversity have become our new reality. For any designer, addressing these pressing issues is an essential aspect of their practice. While it's easy to succumb to hopelessness, the more arduous path involves seeking meaningful solutions, navigating the steep slopes of continual experimentation and evaluation.

This endeavor requires collaboration that transcends disciplinary and national boundaries. In Finimalism, we aim to bridge the realms of architecture, design, and fashion, seeking connections with various programs, initiatives, and festivals to share our approach.

Recently, Finimalism had the honor of participating in the EU New European Bauhaus Festival's official program in April. We hosted an open workshop titled "Finimalize This!" urging participants to reconsider various aspects of everyday life.

Our goal was to stimulate discussions on how professionals in the design field, as well as citizens, can fundamentally shift our creative processes towards less wasteful and extractive practices.

The "Finimalize This!" workshop was structured as a flash card game, where experts drew cards containing terms such as "material," "luxury," and "style," challenging themselves to "finimalize" existing approaches and identify better alternatives.

We extend our gratitude to the brilliant experts who joined us, including pioneering fashion designer Anna Ruohonen, wood architecture innovator Jaakko Torvinen, education expert and designer Enni Äijälä, and sustainable construction professor Matti Kuittinen. More details about the workshop can be found on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

In this edition of the Finimalism Journal titled REDUCE, we have curated a diverse collection of examples that demonstrate achieving more with less. Among them are insights from these esteemed experts:

"Being a designer in these precarious times – it’s almost like I can’t touch or use anything. We have done too much already. So what can I still do?" Julia Lohmann

"Instead of endless construction, we must focus on repurposing the old and reducing the creation of the new." Matti Kuittinen

"Today, sustainability has become a trend in every aspect of life. People are increasingly eager to explore new sustainable alternatives." Anna Sillanpää

"Understanding that even minor actions can have an impact is beneficial, as long as we maintain a clear perspective and stay ambitious." Saija Malila

Find inspiration in our Journal REDUCE and explore more innovative ways of achieving more with less in our other Journals!

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