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In these times, it’s not about needing more, but achieving more with less. We invite designers and experts from around the world to join us in bringing more beauty and equity to the world while using fewer resources.

Finimalism founded in 2023 by three organizations—Archinfo Finland, Fashion Finland, and Finnish Design Info—unites to share the inspiring narrative of Finnish Design. It advocates for sustainable solutions in architecture, fashion, and design, envisioning a better future while showcasing Finnish expertise and creativity.

As a shared platform embracing experts from diverse fields, Finimalism reflects a resolute commitment to sustainability. Its collaborative structure maximizes efficiency and resources by leveraging expertise from a broad spectrum of stakeholders and collaborators.

Rigorous monitoring ensures sustainability across various actions, from digital communication to physical events, with results openly shared. The current launch phase is enabled by the NextGenerationEU funding program.

Who we are

Finimalism is carried by three equal partners

Archinfo is the Information Centre for Finnish Architecture that promotes the values and expertise of Finnish architecture both nationally and internationally.


Fashion Finland as an association of fashion professionals and a media supports the fashion industry, its entrepreneurs and designers in addition to encouraging collaboration.


Finnish Design Info is the Information Centre for Finnish Design that through communication increases the visibility and impact of Finnish Design both in Finland and around the world.


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Katja Lindroos

Project Manager & Managing Editor


Anna Rusi

Communications & Event Coordinator


Ilona Vuori

Media Producer & Content Creator


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