Recode Our Physical and Digital Realms


March 2024

Photo by:

Mikael Niemi

Could digitalization hold the key to addressing the sustainability crisis? Or should we proceed with caution, mindful of our digital footprint as much as our material one? The second edition of the Finimalism Journal delves into the latest digital innovations led by pioneering Finnish designers.

Ever since we became aware of the environmental impact of our physical products, we've sought alternatives to the cycle of production and consumption. An apparent solution, at least on the surface, is transitioning from the physical to the virtual realm. By embracing digital services, we can reduce our purchases, travel less, and consequently minimize resource wastage.

However, as often happens, this perspective has proven to be overly simplistic. The energy required to sustain our digital infrastructure and cater to our ever-expanding virtual needs is growing exponentially. Every moment spent scrolling through social media or streaming a movie contributes to our carbon footprint.

The solution isn't merely shifting from 'less physical, more digital,' but rather embracing the ethos of 'doing more with less' across all domains. Can we redefine our relationship with both the physical and virtual worlds?

With Finimalism, we've committed to tracking and disclosing our impact. When designing this website, we made a conscious decision to assess its environmental footprint and share the findings—and take action where necessary. This report will be released at the end of May, following the publication of our first four Journals in their entirety.

Our second Journal, titled RECODE, delves into how designers and innovators are exploring the intersection of the physical and digital realms to develop sustainable solutions. Here are some of the highlights:

"I believe that digital fashion has the potential to have a positive influence on the perceived body image of people." Dann Mensah

"There is always a fear of the new – and fear is coded into us. But something new also always presents an opportunity." Jenni Pasanen

"The most sustainable building is a building never built or a space never renovated." Hanna Neuvo & Marina Gretsova

Get inspired by delving into our RECODE and find more inspiration in the other Journals!

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